MBA Program in Banking, Tax Administration and Financial Services (BFS)

Degree Offered

--> Masters of Business Administration(MBA)


---> BFS

Deadline For Application

--> October

Tuition Fees Per Year

--> Home Student: 1,250,500 F CFA Foreign Student : 4,024,500 F CFA

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January 1, 2020
2 years (4 Semesters)



An innovative graduate department committed to imparting knowledge for bridging the gap in a world where societal needs are constantly moving ahead of the existing knowledge needed to cope with such rapid changing societal needs.


This program aims at students with a dynamic blend of contemporary issues affecting Banking, Tax Administration and Finance. Such an appraoch is certainly ideal for a country striving to find its place among emerging economies.


The main objective of this course is to provide students with existing knowledge that links theory to practice in the field. It also aims at training students who are competent in handling monetary and other financial positions at both middle and top managerial position in the economy.

Admission Requirements

Every candidate seeking admission into the 2-year MBA programme must have at least a Bachelor’s degree (in any field) with a minimum of Second Class Honours (50% pass mark), or an equivalent qualification recognized by the University Council.

Candidates with any other qualification not deemed equivalent, may be required to take additional undergraduate and/or postgraduate course(s) deemed relevant by the Department. The admission of such candidates shall be confirmed subject to the successful completion on the required additional course(s).

Future, Career and Employment Opportunities

Upon graduation, MBA graduates shall occupy middle as well as senior managerial positions in any business organisation,  in both the public and private sector as well as national and international NGOs.


The tuition fee per year is 2,024,500 F CFA for Cameroonians and 4,039,500 F CFA for foreign students. To read more about fees click here.