A Professional University Institution Committed to Excellence In Training Youths For Rewarding Careers in the Domain Of ENGINEERING, with specilzation in those fields that meet the demands of the Cameroonian market, the African market and and the world at large.


Engineers are persons who specialize in the design of safe efficient systems, plants and processes that are of practical and economic value. This curriculum provides a foundation to address the engineering problems of human systems with the Cameroon situation in mind. These problems will be of even greater concern in the future. The courses unify learned concepts with a practical ability to solve a broad range of engineering problems encountered in daily life. Students must meet the requirements of both the university and the school of Engineering in order to gain admission.


The mission of the School of Engineering is to train a new breed of professionals capable of valorizing the engineering opportunities and potentials of their environment in the civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, petrochemical, and agricultural domains. The school offers students a large spectrum of scientific and technical skills associated with a profound understanding of his or her environment, the taste and aptitude for action in association with a solid Christian professional ethics.

Objectives of SENG

The School of Engineering offers a four year course programme. The courses are conceived to train professionals in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum and Gas, Chemical and Engineering and in an African context in order to increase civil, electrical, mechanical and agricultural production, develop industries and improve the standard of living of our population. At the same time, the School trains its students to be convinced, committed and competent intellectuals, capable to work and develop their country in a Christian perspective. The Engineering Professional trained at the School should be able to:

  • Understand and apply modern and traditional techniques
  • Analyze human problems in his environment and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Adapt different methods to various problems especially in a rural context (Spirit of initiative and creativity)
  • Popularize engineering techniques.
  • Create and manage profitable enterprises. Engage in development according to the social teachings of the Catholic Church.
Our Unique Approach To Studies and Training

In order to produce a new breed of Engineers for our society we lay emphasis on hands-on practical training and professionalism in the programme. Our approach to this end is providing well qualified staff, industrial internship, and partnership as explained below.


The School has a team of Qualified and Experienced Engineers who are devoted to pass on the gift through practical projects. Visiting lecturers from our partners abroad visit regularly to share their experiences both with the students and the staff. Our state-of–arts facilities leaves the students with nothing to desire.

Internship/Industrial Experience

Students of Engineering at SENG are placed on a one month internship in an industry during the long holidays of the first two years of their studies , to gain basic industrial skills and experience. However, the second semester of the third year is dedicated to a supervised industrial experience in a recognized institution. In this way graduates from SENG are full professionals ready to start their own enterprises on gain employment both at the National and International levels.


We have strong partnerships at home and abroad. For example La Sapienza di Roma, Politecnico di Milano all of Italy. These partnerships expose our students to international experience through student exchange programmes, experts lectures through visiting lecturers and e-conferences.


Our students take a course on Entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences during the fourth year of training to develop an entrepreneurial mindset so that they can eventually create their own enterprises.

Organization and Specializations

SENG is organized into four  departments. These departments award the following Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at the end of the four years program with a lot of different specialization:

Department of Agricultural, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Programme Duration Start Date
B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering and Technologies 4 years (8 Semesters) October 1, 2020
Civil Engineering Programme 4 years (8 Semesters) October 1, 2020

with the following specializations

  • B. Eng. Structural Engineering
  • B. Eng. Transportation Engineering
  • B. Eng. Urban Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Programme Duration Start Date
Electrical Engineering Progamme 4 years (8 Semesters) October 1, 2020

B.Eng. Electrical Engineering with the following specializations:

  • B. Eng. Electronic Engineering
  • B. Eng. Control Systems Engineering
  • B. Eng. Electric Power Systems
  • B. Eng. Telecommunications

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Programme Duration Start Date
Mechanical Engineering Programme 4 years (8 Semesters) January 1, 2020

B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering with the following specializations :

  • B. Eng. Automobile Engineering
  • B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
  • B. Eng. Industrial Processes

Department of Chemical and Petroleum

Programme Duration Start Date
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering 4 years (8 Semesters) October 1, 2020
Petroleum Engineering Programme 4 years (8 Semesters) October 1, 2020
  1. B. Eng. Chemical Engineering
  2. B. Eng. Petroleum and Gas Engineering

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Admissions are through a competitive entrance Examination.

Entrance Examination Requirements
In addition to fulfilling the
general entry requirements into the Catholic University of Cameroon, prospective students into the School of Engineering must fulfill the following additional requirements:

1. Must have obtained 2. GCE Advanced Level
2. Mathematics and Physics or Engineering.
3. Must have Ordinary Level Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry or relevant technical subjects.

Future, Career and Employment Opportunities

Graduates from SENG will easily first of all create their own enterprises and/or will have a very competitive jobs in Electrical Power Companies, Telecommunication companies Mechanical construction companies, civil engineering construction companies, Mining and Extraction companies