The Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Hostel and Chancellery Complexes

The Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Hostel and Chancellery Complexes

After ten years of her existence, the Catholic University of Cameroon is daring to embark on two major projects meant to give her campus a new face so as to update and upgrade to be able to provide the kind of education she has promised all stakeholders as she enters her second decade. These are the hostel project and the vice chancellery project.


The hostel project is meant to provide 140 living rooms to students by the next academic year 2021/2022. With ancillary services, such as restaurant, provision store, laundry, and a gymnasium, it’s a post-war project meant to wipe the tears of pain from many faces that have seen and tasted the ravages and scourges of the Anglophone War. It is meant to console and encourage parents to send their children to the Catholic University, enable effective teaching and studies by providing better board and lodging facilities in a secure environment, increase the university’s enrollment, and in many other ways, help to resolve the Anglophone Crisis and contribute to the end of war.

The front and back elevation of the on-going construction of the Hostel (As of June 2021)


The Vice Chancellery project will constitute construction of the major block and main face of the university. This Block will accommodate all administrative offices, ten large multipurpose classrooms, and a large basement floor which will host all the different laboratories of the various departments of the university.

3D rendering of the Vice Chancellery and the actual building under construction (As of June 2021)

These two projects will certainly act like game changers in the growth and progress of the university by contributing toward a better education program with good board and lodging facilities, creation of jobs (including on campus jobs for students), an increase in the standards of living that would hopefully keep the children home from thinking they must travel abroad for higher education and a better.


The cost of the two projects is approximately three hundred million (300.000.000FCFA; about $535.000) The five Bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province so far have contributed 10.000.000frs CFA each from their respective dioceses, making a total of 50.000.000frs CFA (about $90.000) as local contribution towards these projects.


Of the approximately three hundred million (300.000.000FCFA; about $535.000), fifty million francs (50.000.000frs CFA about $90.000) has already been contributed by the five Bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province.

From donations and grants, we hope to raise the rest of the funds, about two hundred and five million (250.000.000FCFA; $454,000).


Help us to achieve this dream in order to establish an adequate environment to support the kind of education we strive to provide. Kindly donate to support this dream.

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