B.Sc. Computer Science

Degree Offered

--> Bachelor of Science (BSc.)


--> Computer Sciences

Application Period

--> Aug. To Sept.

Program Requirement

2 A/L(Science + Maths), 4 O/L.

Tuition Fees

Home Student: 645,500 F CFA Foreign Student :1,045,500 F CFA

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October 1, 2020
3 years (6 Semesters)



This course provides you with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required for a professional career in computing. The course examines the specification, design, implementation and testing of software packages, languages and systems to professional standards and within a code of ethics. The course is designed for those who want to work as software engineers, programmers, IT professionals or analysts. It equally serves as base for almost all fields of the IT industry.

Mission Statement of the Department of Computer and Information sciences

To provide instruction in both computer and information sciences at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and to carry out scientific research in both disciplines adapted to the needs of the society. The undergraduate programme is designed to provide tools for computer science and information techniques and thinking in such a way as to enable the graduates to find gainful employment in areas where computer science and information systems’ knowledge is required and to have the adequate background necessary for the pursuit of studies and research in both disciplines and related fields at the postgraduate level. The department, through its program, also seeks to satisfy the evolving needs of computer/information systems scientists and users of computer/information system technologies.

Objectives of Degree Program

Information has become a highly valued and priced commodity, and both its quality and timely delivery is critical in today’s information age. The department of computer and information sciences aims to graduate students in computer and information sciences who have a strong and balance foundation in the scientific theories, the practices and the uses of Information Technology in creating, storing and the timely distribution of information using computers and other related information technology.

The curriculum is delivered by dedicated, motivated, research active staff, who provide up-to-date information in their respective disciplines. A range of teaching and assessment techniques are used and due emphasis is given to the development of generic transferable skills (IT, communication, teamwork, self-management, problem solving) for the employment market. We have a well equipped computer lab with a didicated and experience staff in all subject areas of computer science for practical work.

Admissions Requirements
Besides the general university admission requirements, candidates seeking to read for a B.Sc degree in Computer Science must have pass grades in Mathematics, and other relevant subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Economics, at the GCE O’ Level, At the GCE A’ Level, they must possess good pass grades in at least two sciences . A pass in Mathematics and Economics will be accepted also. Students who transfer to this department or do not have GCE results will be evaluated for equivalency.

Future, Career and Employment

Graduates from this department will have the knowledge and practical skills in the following areas of computing.

  • Computer Programming/Software Engineering
  • Computer Networking
  • Information System Management
  • Database Administration/Architecture
  • Information and System Security
  • Information Technology
  • System Documentation.
  • Our graduates should be able to seek employment, certification and graduate studies in any of the above areas.

The tuition fee per year is 645,500 F CFA for Cameroonians and 1,045,500 F CFA for foreign students. To read more about fees   click here.