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Bishop Elect Mgr Andrew Nkea's First Mass After His Appointment.

Bishop Elect, Mgr Andrew F. Nkea, Coadjutor Bishop of Mamfe Celebrateded his first Mass as Bishop in the Aula Magna of CATUC on Thursday, July 11, 2013. It was a gift to the community he has lived with for the past three years.

Arrival on CATUC campus, for the first time as Bishop elect

Mgr Andrew Nkea was in Buea when the news of his appointment as Bishop elect was read simultaneously at the Vatican (12 00 local time) and in the Aula Magna of CATUC (11 00 local time). In this regard, Mgr Andrew Nkea was away from his "home"- CATUC, when the news met him and the rest of the CATUC family. The announcement was received with mixed feelings given that this community was losing of one of its key personalities. He was given a heroic welcome at 08 45h on Thursday morning, in front of the administrative building  and all present were happy for what the Lord had done: choosing the Very Rev. Father Andrew Nkea of the CATUC family, to serve as His Bishop in the Diocese of Mamfe.

Some of the pictures taken when Mgr Andrew Nkea just arrived the campus.


The Mass

The Mass was attended by CATUC staff and students, as well as CATUC friends and neigbours even at short notice. The readings were drawn from Gen. 41:18-21,23-29,Gen 45:1-5 and the second from Mt 10: 7-15. Mgr Andrew Nkea in his Homily remarked that the passages of the day reflected his mission to Mamfe and that if he did not have a copy of the Missal, he would have thought that it was chosen to suit the mood of the day. He said as God called Joseph into Egypt for greater purpose which included saving the lives of many, including his very own brothers who sold him into slavery, so has he been called by God to serve the Diocese of Mamfe. He added that this scripture alone was not the only supporting evidence to this claim but that his life as a whole has been a testimony to this fact. He told the Christians present that when the news of his appointment was announced in Buea, many journalists from various media houses asked him a lot of questions. As quoted by him, some of these and his responses were:

Question : Mgr Andrew Nkea, how do you feel following your appointment as Bishop elect of Mamfe?
Response : "I feel like an overcharged battery." , borrowing from His Lordship Pius Awa, Bishop Emeritus of Buea who is his former boss.
Question : What is your first mission in Mamfe?
Response : To preach the Gospel.
Question : What is your second mission in Mamfe?
Response : To preach the Gospel.
Question : What is your third mission in Mamfe?
Response : To preach the Gospel.
Question : What is your …. mission in Mamfe?
Response : To preach the Gospel.

He ended the Homily by stating that he had not yet left CATUC as Registrar for his desk was still full and called on the CATUC community never to leave him alone but to always pray for him. He declared,

"Never leave me alone, because if you leave me alone I will not succeed."


Rev. Fr. Michael Suh Niba, Vice Chancellor of
CATUC, thanked the Bishop elect for accepting to Celebrate his first Mass as Bishop on campus and for allowing him to oblige him toCelebrate this Mass. He went further to assure him that the CATUC community will always support him.  Fr. Niba also appreciated CATUC neighbours and friends who were present for their concern.

After Mass

The Christians present at this event had the opportunity to take pictures with the Bishop. Below are some of the pictures.


To view the events of this day in pictures, click here

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