Admissions are ongoing into all the degree programmes of the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC), Bamenda for the 2019/2020 academic year. Drop into any of our campuses and request an APPLICATION FORM 


Admissions are ongoing into all the HND programmes of the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC), Bamenda for the 2019/2020 academic year. Drop into any of our campuses and request an APPLICATION FORM 


As a Christian institution, we do our utmost best to be there for every member of the community. Check out our fees for various programs below



Kumbo Campus


Bamenda Campus

Big Mankon


Check out our programs

All programs

B. Med. Sc. (Bachelor of Medical Sciences)

Level of Studies:                    Undergraduate Studies Specialty:                              Biomedical Sciences

PhD Philosophy

General information The PhD programme in Philosophy aims fundamentally

PhD Health Economics

General information This programme is geared towards producing postgraduate

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

General information Our MBA programme will enable you acquire

MSc. Anthropology

Degree Offered--> Master of Science(BSc.) Specialty--> Applied Anthropology Application

Your Future Starts With A Beautiful Academic Profile. Stop Searching!




I do not live in Bamenda. Where and how can I get the Registration form?

You can the registration forms from the following places

1. You can also download the registration form from this website at the admissions pages.
2. Bishop’s House, Kumbo;
3. Bishop’s House, Buea;
4. Bishop’s House, Mamfe;
5. Franciscan Sisters Padre Pio Hospital Akwa Nord,Douala;
6. Sisters of St Ann, Bafoussam;
7. SENECA office, Mvolye, Yaounde.
8. and of course, CATUC office at Bamenda.

This manual process wont last longer so watch out for online application soon.


What is the closing date for admissions into CATUC?

Admissions into CATUC close officially one week after the entrance examinations into the various schools have been taken. However, after that date there may be room for late admissions.


Can I have the account number in which to pay my registration and other fees for CATUC?

CATUC presently operates accounts in three banks in the country: Union Bank of Cameroon, United Bank of Africa (UBA) and Ecobank. If you present yourself to any of the branches of these banks in the country, you will be given the account number of the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda. It suffices to let the bank know that the account was opened at the Bamenda Branch. As for Registration fees, you can pay into any of the banks. Concerning tuition fees, we prefer to have all payments made in the United Bank of Africa (UBA). When you pay registration fees in any of these banks, make a photo copy of the receipt for yourself and send us the original of the receipt. When you pay tuition fees in UBA, make a photo copy of the receipt and send to us. Keep the original receipt.


I do not live in Bamenda. How do I get my registration material to the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda?

You can send the required documents by post to: The Registrar, Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda, P.O. Box 782, Bamenda.
You can bring your registration material, in person, to CATUC,s office in Bamenda. Unfortunately we no longer accept scanned documents by email for admission and registration purposes.

Where can I find CATUC offices in Bamenda?

The offices are located at the far end of what was formerly the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Big Mankon, Bamenda. This is the last building on the left before the Mankon Metropolitan Cathedral.

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And we do our best to provide that to many people in need of professionalism.