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Day one of the Quality Assurance

The VC of CATUC, Fr. Michael Niba

The Vice Chancellor of CATUC, Fr. Michael Suh Niba, opened the workshop by reiterating the purpose of the workshop as a genuine attempt to consolidate and to keep alive the dream to make CATUC that unique place, transforming its students into unique graduates with excellent values as well as qualities. This is especially so as we look forward to the first convocation ceremony.

The mark of a successful educational system lies in the capacity of the teacher to let human, intellectual, community and religious values rub off the teacher into the student, and when we add the Catholic variable into the equation that, makes for
CATUC's identity. CATUC fulfills the divine mandate which Jesus handed over to the Church (cf. Mtt. 28:19). Beyond this, the Church wants to develop the human person to conform to the image of Christ who is the perfect human being.

The DVCA (Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics) later reiterated that the objective of the seminar is to prepare for quality teaching which involves pragmatic issues such as attendance, access to ICT, assignments, regular evaluations, etc. The Registrar of the University outlined the administrative procedures to be used in the process of university administration.

The Deputy Registrar for Students' Affairs gave information on Administative prcocedure, the staff's Responsibilities and Rights. In a later presentation, he highlighted the importance of Form A3 which indicates the courses that the student is to offer for the semester. The presentation of this form is a sign that the student is ready in all aspects to participate in the academic life of the institution. Therefore students are required to complete this form before lectures begin.


It was the turn of the Financial Director to give an input on the financial procedures of the Institution. The basic principle here, of course, is financial transparence in the collection and use of university funds. The Deputy Registrar for Infrastructure and the Development of the physical plant was required to introduce the university community to some aspects of Research and Cooperation. He did this by reiterating some aspects of this component of University life found in the statutes of the institution. He noted that a Research Handbook was under preparation and may see the light of day in the course of the academic year as two directors have been recently appointed to spear head the affairs of the component of university life.

Fr Yilaka

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