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Pan-African Solidarity Education Network (PASEN)

Pan-African Solidarity Education Network (PASEN)

CATUC was privileged to host the first ever Pan-African Solidarity Education Network workshop in Cameroon. The workshop, which took place on 10 th September, was thanks to a plea from Bernard NjohNiba, one of the delegates to the 2013 Scramble for Africa Conference that devoted a session of reflections on the promotion of the PASEN initiative. PASEN is one of the outcomes of a number of conferences held in South Africa between 2011 and 2013. It symbolizes the thought patterns and aspirations of several educators and experts on an educational design that reflects African values, content and context. As the pioneer host, CATUC sent out a call for different institutions to be represented at the conference. In response, the University of Dschang and Bamenda sent representatives to the meeting. Other participants came from the Teachers’ Resource Centre in Bamenda, the Diocese of Kumbo and Cameroon’s National Working Group on Diaspora Participation in Development (NWG) and of course,  CATUC.


 Being a pilot initiative, participants were treated to two crucial presentations; the first,by Professor Paul NchojiNkwi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics, covered a background on African educational designs and outcomes. The second, by Bernard NjohNiba, was on the PASEN Concept Framework. The debates that ensued raised a number of suggestions and some resolutions.

Participants after Workshop.

The participants resolved to establish PASEN Cameroon network with the aim of sharing knowledge on various societal, educational and environmental issues. To ensure continuity and sustainability, another meeting was scheduled to take place within three months on a date to be announced by Professor Paul N. Nkwi.
Funding for the workshop was provided by the Bamenda City Council. CATUC lives on with its ambition to promote resourceful oriented training in Cameroon and beyond.

Compiled by Fr. Peter A. Foleng, SD
Liaison Officer to the Vice Chancellor of CATUC


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