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Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting  of Research Division of CATUC of January 13, 2014

Dr. Kenneth Yongabi (Director of Research) contacted some volunteers among the faculties to form a steering committee to decide agendas and topics for discussion, and prioritize urgent research activities. He called the meeting to order with a quorum present. He continued with briefing on the raison d’être for the meeting stating that his intention was to form a research team constituting of members of staff from each faculty.
The following faculty members accepted to work in this division for a start:

1.  Dr Kenneth Yongabi  
2.  Polycarp Ndikvu Chia
3.  Honore Bernard Youfegnuy
4.  Akumbom Godlove
5.  Ngonga Linda
6.  Jerome Ndam

After discussions, the following key points were to be taken as a basis for operation:

1. Elaboration of a Research plan for CATUC.
2. Support for the construction of an Integrated laboratory for research in CATUC
3. Elaboration of a Research handbook for post graduate students.
4. Orientation of staff faculty by faculty- letters have been sent out
5. Implementation of a platform for Research and Publication
6. Research orientation for all post graduate students
7. Organization of a University lecture series for all professors
8. Organization of open day for the university
9. Construction of a Research web page
10. Implementation of a Publication repository
11. Sourcing of fund for Proposal financing
12. Provision of consultancy and sandwich courses
13. Project management , design and execution

The discussion turned to "Research new lather for CATUC"

• Bio piracy( Legal frame work and bio piracy)
• Proposal to CDC
• PRF-consultants
• Tea houses and relaxation corners for organic tea etc.

Dr. Yongabi reminded the committee to never postpone but always write immediately the idea which is conceived.
The group agreed to organize the following:

• Project seminars(undergraduate and post graduate defense)
• Undergraduate defense per department.

The committee finally resolved on the following suggestions:

Promotion of staffs could be done based on research and publications
Staffs should learn to ask themselves what we have done to CATUC and our community.
The issue of having certificate does not necessarily mean we are researchers.
The research group should set up a database

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