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Defence of MBA Theses at CATUC


On the 1 st May 2014, the pioneer MBA students of CATUC defended their master’s thesis. There were a total of 25 students from 3 departments of the Masters programme in Business Administration namely:

  • Human Resource Management and Development

  • Project Management, Design and Implementation

  • Banking, Tax Administration and Financial Services

It should be noted that CATUC is the first institution to organize and run an MBA programme in English-speaking Cameroon. This defence therefore constituted a premier in this part of the country.

Candidate’s hearts were full of excitement and tension at the same time; the exercise began at 8:00 am, with a jury which consisted of
Prof Giles Etoundi- the Director of ESSEC- University of Douala and a few of his other colleagues, other experts from the University of Bamenda, Dr Mabel Obi from the University of Nigeria- Nssuka, Prof. Molem and others from the University of Buea as well as other professors from the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda. Family members and friends were also present to support their loved ones and witness the event.

The exercise was under the coordination of
Prof Geoffrey Akalegbere who is the dean of the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences and also acts as the coordinator of the MBA programs. The whole exercise was under the supervision of Prof Nkwi Paul the DVCA. Each candidate was assigned one and a half hours and during which time the candidate presented his work and answered questions from a three-man strong jury. The results were made available to the students after deliberations by the jury. In total 24 out of the 25 students were awarded the MBA.

The exercise ended at about 8:30 pm.

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