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Inspectionto Stanr Farm

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Inspection Visit to CATUC's Farmland for STANR

An aspect of the farmland for the School of Tropical Agriculture and Natural Resources (STANR). There has just been completed the planting of 21,700 trees ( eucalyptus, mahogany and third type of tree) on a 21 kilometer stretch that marks the boundary of the STANR farmland at Akosia, Bafut.

Tree Planting on the Boundary,   Members of the Inspection Team ,  Preview of the Farmland               


Of these trees, ANAFOR donated 10,000 and CATUC bought the rest. For the Inspection visit were the Vice Chancellor, Fr. Michael Suh Niba, the project contractor who doubles as the Chair person of the Bafut Traditional Council and the Representative of the Fon of Bafut and Fr. anthony Yilaka, the Deputy Registrar for Infrastructure and the Development of the Physical Plant at CATUC. The Inspection visit took place during the morning hours of Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

Tree Planting done on the boundary   of the land.

This tree planting  project has many benefits to STANR, CATUC and to the world at large. CATUC thus, joins forces with others such as ANAFOR, in the fight against Global Warming and its effects. This farmland will serve the students of this STANR in many ways including practical demonstration, research etc. It is also worth noting that, this is not the only farmland that CATUC has reserved for STANR. STANR has other farms in Bamenda especially those that are used to  keep animals. More on this soon.

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