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CATUC Freshmen/Women Welcome Parties 2013.

Catuc organizes a "Welcome Party" for her freshmen/women in the respective Faculties and Schools.This Welcome Party is not restricted to the freshmen/Women of Different Faculties and Schools but it is open to all members of the given Faculty or School. This is intended to reinforce their orientation in a university milieu and more specifically in the context of CATUC and  make them socialize with one another and show case some of the talents in them.

Welcome Party for Freshmen/Women 2013

On Saturday, october 26, 2013, the School of Tropical Agriculture and Natural Resources (STANR) and the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences (FBMS) organized maiden celebrations to welcome freshmen and fresh women into the School and Faculty.

The program for
STANR began at 1 PM with the assembly of the students, staff, and the invited guests. In the course of the program, freshmen and fresh women were introduced to aspects of life and studies in CATUC. A number of personalities were invited to introduce freshmen and women to agriculturally related businesses and activities. These included: the Chief of Station of IRAD, Mankon, that is Mrs. Nji Collete who presented a documentary on Poultry Farming; Mr.Fomunyam Divine of IRAD Mankon who spoke on cane rat farming; Mr. Mzeka Paul of ANCO Nkwen who spoke on Apiculture, Mr. Muluh George of Treasure Island Enterprise and the Head of Camlait Bamenda branch who presented their products. The celebration ended with refreshments and entertainment at night fall.

The FBMS welcome program began at 4 PM. Since the FBMS is the biggest of the faculties of
CATUC, its activities took place in the Aula Magna. The event was co-sponsored by the Union Bank of Africa (UBA) and Orange Cameroon. The Bamenda managers of both firms were present and among other things promoted a display which eventually led to the election of a MISS FBMS as a product of UBA and Orange Cameroon. Snacks were served and a gala closed the event at about 9 PM.

On Saturday, November 2, 2013 the Faculties of Science
(FSc.) and that of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) had a joint party to welcome the freshmen/women of these Faculties.
Some of  the activities that characterized the evening included :
Speeches, Singing, Play backs,  Fashion Parade, a Common Dinner and  Dancing.

School of Engineering(SENG) however, had her Welcome Party separately  at CATUC Overseas on the same Saturday November 2, 2013.The party however started after the combined party of FSc. and FHSS had started in the Aula Magna.

The buildup to the party involved the election of the respective students representative from each Faculty/School to form the University commissions. These commissions include the following :
Sports Commission, Campus Ministry, Student Representative for the Council, Student Representative for the Senate, Clubs commission. Students were elected from each department within  a Faculty/School and from each level in a given department.

The hall (Aula Magna) was decorated early that morning by a special décor service. The students were at the centre of planning this event with some Lecturers assisting and supervising them.

Speaking to the students, the Dean of the Faculty of Science,
Prof. Martin Ndumu and the representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences re-iterated the importance of these Faculties for the future of a country like ours. They also encouraged the students to take advantage of the quality of teaching offered in CATUC to build a strong foundation for their careers by graduating with good results.

Orange Cameroon then assured the students of the partnership between CATUC and Orange Cameroon, a partnership which they would like to see grow.He also congratulated the students on their choice of institution and  assured them that such quality education gives them much advantage in today‚Äôs competitive world.  

These talks were interspersed with singing, play back, fashion parade,  etc.  The occasion ended formally with closing remarks from the Dean of the Faculty of Science followed by refreshment and entertainment. The students were allowed to dance and socialize together for about  an hour after which the staff then closed down the event.

Some pictures that highlight the events  are shown in the slide show above.

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