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Excursion by students of the Faculty of  Business and Management Sciences

At Saddle Hill Ranch, Bafut

On the 5thof may 2013, all level 1 students of the Faculty of Business and Management  sciences and level 3 of the Department of Marketing, took a journey to history .They had the privilege to visit two sites of attraction -  the museum at the Foumban Palace in West Region of Cameroon and the Saddle Hill Ranch resort in Bafut , North West Region.  

Early that morning the students involved assembled at the University campus, where they took off under the of Mr. Fru B. who ensured that all the activities were on time.

At the Foumban Palace
Receiving a Brief Lecture From Management of Saddle Hill Ranch Bafut

Tamajong G.Valerie Chinyere, is one of the students that was on the trip recounts the trip as follows  " We had a few stops, at Commercial Avenue and our supervisor had to brush over a few things to ensure that everything necessary for the journey was in place. During the journey we discussed on a lot of issues, argued and laugh. A lot of the students looked more relaxed than usual. Since it was a market day in Bafoussam, we were able to witness the Systems of trade at several places such as Marche B, Marche A, Cartier Hausa. For some of us it was our first experience. When we finally arrived at the Foumban Palace, the Sultan was at the portico of the palace. In the Bamoun culture, every Saturday,  the Sultan is to sit in front of the palace and watch their activities and it is during such days that he is allege to choose his wives. We were ushered into the palace as tourists. One of the museum attendants gave  us a briefing on the history of the place and how it has been maintained over the years .

We went round the museum with the attendants who showed us several relics such as spears, guns, their own writing, musical instruments by each Sultans, the hats they wore during festivals, the skulls  of their enemies just to name a few. We also had the opportunity to have a glimpse of the eleventh Sultan MbuMbu, who was recognized for being the tallest Sultan with a height of 2.68m. We had the opportunity to buy their traditional craft like bangles, musical instruments. It  will always remain a memorable day.

When we came out of the museum, some of the locals, entertained us with traditional music which was so captivating and this prompted some of us to dance with them to the rhythm of their music. We were permitted to take a few pictures which will always be a proof of this memorable moment; our sojourn at the Foumban Palace.

We headed for snacks and thereafter we embarked on our journey, back to the North West Region. Everyone expressed their excitement as we journeyed. We headed for the second site - the Saddle Hill Ranch resort in Bafut, back in our Region of departure
We arrived the Saddle Hill Ranch at about 5 o’clock in the evening and we were received by the personnel. Because we were many in number, they had to split us into groups of three to show us round the main building. They showed us the various classes of chambers and other section of the house furnished with classic and unique furniture to suit every visitor. We had the privilege to learn about the origin of this unique facility with its  serene and natural environment. Some of us had the opportunity to ride on horses. We crown our activities at the resort with dancing in their club for about 45 minutes in which we witnessed  a varied display of styles. It was an opportunity for some students to bring out the other side of them

Our last stop was at the White House Restaurant at Meta quarters in Bamenda. We had supper with several dignitaries from  CATUC. During the meal the Dean of Business and Management Science made a brief speech and some of the students had the room to express their personal feelings.

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