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The Training Course for Debaters

The president of the World Debate Association Prof. Snider Alfred (Tuna), led a team of experts from USA/Canada to CATUC for  week long training exercise aimed at training Cameroonians on "How to debate".  This took place between July 22, 2013 to July 27, 2013.

During the opening of this course, the
Vice Chancellor of CATUC Fr. Michael Niba welcomed the team of trainers and the participants to CATUC  and then went on to give his own personal view on the importance of debate.He said everybody has the right to his/her opinion and then stressed that "everyone has an obligation to find out the truth " Finally he wished all participants well and prayed that the find the training fulfilling.

Also present on the opening of this course was the representative of the Canadian High Commisioner to Cameroon, who underscored the importance of debate especially in a democracy.

Prof. Snider Alfred                                                                                                                                          The opening ceremony

Cameroon was indeed previleged to have for the second time, Tuna the president of the World debate Association who has done similar training exercises in more than 40 different countries of the world. He(Tuna) said there is an explosion of debate everyday and everywhere in the world and then stressed that  "Global Discussions will not be complete without the voice of Africa".

Tuna then presented the his team of experts who did a sample debate on the topic "Should we compel children to take care of thri elderly parents?".While they went out to prepare for the debate, Tuna gave a run down of the training program and method that will be used to do the training.He also presented the "Universal Debate Format" which is the format that the participants were expected to use when they debate.

Participants from several areas of Cameroon especially from the various institutions of learning,  converge on CATUC for this exercise. On the very first day the course registered participants from IRIC,University of Dschang,University of Yaounde, University of Bamenda, civil society, the president of the Cameroon Debate Club club and some other  members of the Cameroon Debate Club; members of the CATUC debate club lead by her president; CATUC students and students from a few secondary schools around Bamenda. The participants where randomly shared into groups of four, each constituting a debate team. These debate teams where then trained and made compete  with one another during the training.

                   Final Day of the Course                                                                                        Winners of the final Debate.                                                                         

This week long exercise ended on July 27, 2013 with a debate exercise by some of the participants and the award of certificate of attendance to all who took part in the week long training.

Award of Certificates                                                                                                            Closing Day

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