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CATUC Upgrades Cultural Dress Day


The management of the Catholic University of Cameroon, CATUC Bamenda has decided to introduce an innovation to her traditional cultural dress days. On this day that comes up once every month, staff and students usually are expected to appear on campus in attires that reflect their individual different cultures and the beauty of the African culture. The excitement that usually accompanied the day had fast been waning, so something had to be done to bring back the steam.

So unlike previous years, CATUC has this year decided to introduce the election of a Mister and Miss Culture for CATUC by the end of the academic year. On every Cultural Dress Day therefore, each class shall elect a Mister and Miss Culture for their class. A similar exercise shall take place on every cultural dress day and at the end of the year the winners of the various classes will take part in a contest for the titles of Mister and Miss Culture for CATUC for the Academic year. According to CATUC’s 2016/2017 Calendar of activities, Thursday November 3, 2016 was the day set aside as her first cultural dress day for this academic year. In the strict sense of the cultural dress day, those concerned are expected to portray their natural cultures considering that charity begins at home. It is also an occasion for persons to show mastery of their roots. However they are free to reflect any culture of their choice from any part of Africa and thus was the case on the stipulated date.

According to an official of the Students’ Affairs Office,
Paul Vincent Etogo Junior, there was an impressive response on the part of the students who appeared in all colours, especially the freshmen and women. Some staff members equally respected the day and a few patient ones who forgot returned home and changed into their traditional outfits while the others promised to comply on the next cultural dress day.

The next Cultural Dress Day was supposed to be Thursday December 1, 2016; unfortunately the strike by teachers and Common law lawyers marred this second cultural competition day in CATUC.

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