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The grey haired Paul Nchoji Nkwi, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, is a household name in academic circles in Cameroon and beyond. But Professor Nkwi wears more than one cap. At some point he nursed ambitions to become an Opposition Senator in order to correct some of the wrongs he had identified in the Cameroon political system. Things did not go according to plan and Professor Nkwi failed in his first bid to become a Senator.
In the mean time Professor Nkwi worked on the Think Tank and later worked as Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics (DVCA) and taught Anthropology in CATUC from inception. In fact, Professor Nkwi has been the public face of CATUC for most people. He has spoken about CATUC on radio and on TV more than any other CATUC official.
CATUC had one more feather added to her cap when on the 7 th of February 2018 President Paul Biya named him among the 11 members of the first ever Constitutional Council of Cameroon. In spite of being a regular host at radio and TV, Professor Nkwi did not appear on TV singing and dancing and throwing parties to celebrate his appointment as others did. Like a true CATUCIAN he understood that his appointment was a responsibility, a call to onerous duty rather than a favour bestowed on his person.
The entire CATUC community congratulates Professor Nkwi on his appointment to the Constitutional Council. We believe that Professor Nkwi will bring to his new job the values which CATUC incarnates – humility, justice, honesty, fear of God, love of the other and love of God. We promise him our prayers because we know he needs the strength and protection of God to make a difference.



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