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B.Sc. Verterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Faculties & Schools

Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

The Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences degree program provides a strong foundation in the biological and physical sciences. The mission of the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences major is to prepare students for admission to veterinary school, graduate school, and/or biomedical research.


Program Goals

Students will exhibit specialized competencies in veterinary and biomedical sciences based upon a solid grounding in the physical and biological sciences.
Students will have access to meaningful research and clinical experience and the professional development that accompanies such training. Students will have access to international academic and professional experiences.
Graduates will demonstrate collaborative learning, critical thinking, and research skills, as well as skills to communicate effectively to professional and lay audiences.
Graduates will be prepared to succeed in industry, government, academic research, and in graduate and professional study.
Students will relate and apply their expertise to a broader health and societal context.

Toxicology(From molecules to ecosystems)
The Toxicology major helps prepare students for professional school or careers in industry, research, and government with coursework in pharmacology, molecular and cellular toxicology, and environmental toxicology.
Our program is truly unique. It is the only one that blends molecular/cellular and environmental studies of toxicology and pharmacology.

Immunology & Infectious Disease (From immune cells to populations)
Immunology describes how the body copes with bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections, cancer, and other diseases. It requires expertise and analysis from the level of the molecules and cells of the immune system all the way up to disease dynamics in populations and ecosystems.
Our program is truly unique. It is the only one that blends study of molecular and cellular immunology with epidemiology of infectious diseases.
Future, Careers and Employment
The Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences program prepares you for careers in:

Professional schools:

Veterinary medicine
Human medicine
Graduate studies in biomedical sciences

Paths after four years:

Government agencies/Public health
Animal food industry
University laboratories
Private research laboratories

The tuition fee per year is 839,500 F CFA for Cameroonians and 1,239,500 F CFA for foreign students. To read more about fees  click here.

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Level of Studies
Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Verterinary & Biomedical Sciences
Duration of Studies
4 years (8 Semesters)
Deadline For Application

Program Requirement

Tuition Fees

University Requirement
Application Procedure
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