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B.Sc. Environmental Sciences

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Department of Environmental Sciences

Undergraduate Program in Environmental Sciences

This qualification aims to establish and develop the scientific knowledge and techniques required to understand fundamental environmental patterns and processes. You will become familiar with a range of scientific methodologies and will gain an appreciation of the scope of environmental science knowledge and an awareness of its relevance to society. This degree develops skills for effective learning, enabling you to become an independent learner with the ability to continue your own learning and development.


Mission Statement of the Department

To provide instruction in environmental science at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and to carry out scientific research adapted to the needs of the society. The undergraduate program is designed to provide tools for environmental science techniques and thinking in such a way as to enable the graduates to find gainful employment in areas where environmental science knowledge is required and to have the adequate background necessary for the pursuit of studies and research in environmental science and related fields at the postgraduate level. The department, through its programmes, also seeks to satisfy the evolving needs of environmental science in our society.

Also graduates will be able to teach in Secondary and High Schools, or work in Research Institutions, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in Municipal Councils, in Corporations (as Environmental Impact Assessors), in International Associations dealing with Biodiversity Conservation Programmes, or with Global climate Monitoring, or Environmental Protection Programmes. They are also capable of creating self-employment as Consultants on issues related to Environmental Impact Assessment projects. They could also work in NGO’s which are involved in Environmental issues.

Objectives of Program

This is a multi-disciplinary programme with courses selected from the Physical Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences. It focuses on exposing students to the science of the environment and ways of preserving it for future generations through education, appropriate management, and respect of laws on the environment. Topics such as past and present geological processes which have been responsible for environmental changes on the Earth’s surface, as well as the accompanying evolutionary changes of life, are introduced at an early stage of the programme. This is used to account for the present chemical components of various environments and to assess human degradational effects on these environments. Such an approach is necessary for students to be able to conceive effective methods and strategies for monitoring these degradational activities such as through technological, educational, legal or some other approaches, so as to ensure the effective conservation of the natural environment.
The programme is therefore designed to provide the student with knowledge which is comparable with what is obtainable internationally and with due consideration for job market trends in the field. This is further enhanced by introducing a compulsory Independent Research Project by the student of an environmentally related problem. This project is intended to be a form of initiation into research. This is useful for graduate work or for those wishing to set up private consultancies.


The curriculum is delivered by dedicated, motivated, research active staff, who provide up-to-date information in their respective disciplines. A range of teaching and assessment techniques are used and due emphasis is given to the development of generic transferable skills (IT, communication, teamwork, self-management, problem solving) for the employment market.

Admission Requirement

Any 2 A Levels papers from among the following: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Geology and Geography. Equivalent qualifications in the Bac is acceptable.

Future,Career and Employment

Science graduates are well placed to enter a range of both scientific and non-scientific jobs. The study of the sciences develops good analytical and reasoning skills, and you will also have become proficient in using computers. Skills such as these are sought by a wide range of financial, business and public sector employers, so science graduates – particularly those who have good communication and interpersonal skills – are in demand. The course will allow you conceive effective methods and strategies for monitoring these degradational activities such as through technological, educational, legal or some other approaches, so as to ensure the effective conservation of the natural environment.

The tuition fee per year is 645,500 F CFA for Cameroonians and 1,045,500 F CFA for foreign students. To read more about fees   click here.

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Level of Studies
Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Environmental Sciences
Duration of Studies
3 years (6 Semesters)
Application Period
Aug. 1, 2013 To Sept. 11, 2013
Program Requirement
2 A/L(Science), 4 O/L.
Tuition Fees
Home Student: 645,500 F CFA
Foreign Student :1,045,500 F CFA

University Requirements
Admission Procedure
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