Mechanical Engineering



Ngang Tangie Fru was born on the 22nd September 1987 in the Mankon Village of the North West Region.He is an Industrial Engineer – Manager, a Mechanical Engineer specialised in Automobile Mechanics and a Mechanical Engineer specialised in Design and Numerical Simulation of Structures, Mechanical Systems and of Civil Engineering Structures. He equally has professional certifications in Occupational Health and Safety, and Workplace Safety and Health. With more than seven years’ experience as a consultant and lecturer in  industrial and mechanical engineering fields, he has experiences and is versed in industrial maintenance, logistics and supply chain management, industrial hygiene, safety and security management, automobile maintenance, industrial risk evaluations, engineering economy calculations, environmental impact studies, project planning, conception and management. He has also developed skills in electronic circuit maintenance, electrical systems maintenance and protection, and technical computer aided drawings and simulations.


19th March 2019


Certified Caterpillar Technician for Africa

Completed program and acquired certificate of certified Caterpillar Technician for Africa.

October 2016- January 2019

National Advanced School of Engineering (ENSP), University of Yaounde 1

Masters of Philosophy of Mechanical Engineering

Graduated from National Advanced School of Engineering (ENSP) in University of Yaounde 1; with Master of Philosophy of Mechanical Engineering; Major in Design and Numerical Simulation of Structures, Mechanical Systems and of Civil Engineering Structures. Thesis on; “Zero CO2 and Zero Heat Pollution Compressed Air Engine for the Urban Transport Sector”.

October 2013- December 2015

H.T.T.T.C. (ENSET) Bambili, University of Bamenda

Postgraduate (DIPET 2) Diploma

Graduated from Higher Technical Teachers Training College (ENSET) in University of Bamenda; with Postgraduate Degree, Technical School Teacher’s Diploma 2 (DIPET 2) in Mechanical Engineering; Major in Automobile Mechanics. Thesis on “The Design and Simulation of a Compressed Air Engine”.

1st August 2013

Oregon, USA


OSHA Certified, Occupational Safety and Health Manager/Employee ANSI Z490.1-2009OSHAcademy, Student Number: 132657
24th July 2013

Morristown, NJ 07960, USA.

Certified Workplace Safety and Health

Alison School of Certification, Student Number: 1798772

15th February 2013

GICAM, Douala, Cameroon

Project Conception and Management Winner

Winner of GICAM’s “Guichet Initiative Jeunes 2013”

October 2006-October 2011

Faculté de Genie Industriel

University of Douala 

Masters of Engineering

Graduated from Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FGI) in University of Douala with a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering;Major in Industrial Hygiene, Security and Safety. Thesis  on “The Implementation of the Security Policies of an Enterprise Case Study: SCDP Douala”


Work Experiences:

October 2013-Present

Bamenda, Cameroon

Assistant Lecturer

Assistant Lecturer in School of Engineering at the Catholic University of Cameroon.

May 2013- Present

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment(QHSE) Consultant

QHSE Consultant of COEXIN Consulting (formerly called CRET CIS), Damas Yaoundé.

June 2012- Present

Douala, Cameroon

Logistics and Procurement Consultant

Logistics and Procurement Consultant of Metal Construction Cameroon (MCC), Industrial Zone Bassa Douala.

July 2011-January 2012

Douala, Cameroon

Security Inspection Agent

Senior Security Inspection Agent of SOCOMAR.

Research Interest:

Mechanical System design Research on the design  of a zero CO2 and zero heat pollution compressed air engine for the urban transport sector
Sustainable energy storage methods Research on a method to efficiently and effectively use compressed air as a sustainable electrical energy store.


11th July 2017

66111 Saarbrucken Germany

Book published by the Lambert Academic Publishing, project 160212, ISBN 978-3-330-34321-4.

“Kinematics and Internal Dynamics Formulations of a Compressed Air Engine”

31st May 2017

ON, M3J 3H7, Canada

Article in Canadian Center of Science and Education, Mechanical Engineering Research (CCSE/MER) Journal, V7N1 Issue.

“Kinematics and Internal Dynamics Formulations of the Canis Compressed Air Engine”.