Assistant Lecturer/HoD (Ag)



I was born on the eighteen of November,1966, at Babungo, Babessi Sub Division, Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest Region, Cameroon. I am married and a father of five children.


I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Dschang, West Region, Cameroon. I graduated from the University of Port-Harcourt, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, in 1995, with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Petroleum Geology/Exploration Geophysics. I did my first degree (B.Sc) in Geology at the University of Calabar, Calaber, Nigeria, and graduated in 1992. My high school, secondary school and primary school were done in Ccast Bambili, Nacho college Bamenda, and St. Mary Catholic School Babungo, where I obtained my G.C.E. Advanced level, Ordinary level and First School Leaving certificates, respectively.

Working Experience

I am currently a permanent academic staff of the Catholic University of Cameroon(CATUC), Bamenda,  Department of Petroleum Engineering, School of Engineering, recruited in October, 2013. I am also the HoD (Acting) of the Department of Petroleum Engineering. From 2016-2018, I taught as a Part time teacher in the Department of Mining at the Bamenda University of Science and Technology(BUST), Bamenda. Equally, I have been teaching as a part time lecturer in the Department of Mining, National Polytechnic University Institute, Bamenda, since October, 2014. I was Principal of City College of Commerc (C.C.C.) Mankon from 2007-2013 during which time, I also taught Geology. Between 1998-2005, I was a part time lecturer in the Department of Geology, E.N.S. Bambili. From 1998-2007, I was a Geology teacher at Comprehensive High School (C.H.S.) Bambui, where I also doubled as the Senoir Discipline Master. 1996-1997, I worked with Drilling Consultancy Services (Nig) Ltd, Nigeria, as a Well-Site Geologist/Geophysicist. Between 1993-1995, I was a Graduate assistant at the Department of Geology, University of Port-Harcourt, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  1. Northwest Geology Teachers Association- Member
  2. Cameroon Association of Geology, Mining and Environmental Sciences-Member.
  3. Others still pending enrolment.

Research Interest

Exploration and exploitation of natural resources with emphasis on petroleum(Oil and Gas) and mining of minerals. Integrated research; using geological, geophysical, drilling, petrophysical, sedimentological, stratigraphical approach in both hard and soft rocks.

Conferences and Workshops

Presentions made during meetings of Northwest Geology Teachers Association on the Petroleum Potentials of Cameroon and Mineral Prospects of Northwest Region, etc.


The following are my unpublished research works presented and pending publication:

  1. The Geology of Okordem and Environs.
  2. Bioerosion: Causes and Effects.
  3. Fluvial Depositional Models in the Geological Records.
  4. The sedimentology of Reservoir Sandbodies of ‘Q’ field in the Eastern Niger Delta.
  5. D. publications in view.