Degree Offered ->Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Specialty ->B.Sc. in Accounting

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October 1, 2020
3 years (6 Semesters)



Mission Statement

The B.Sc. programme in Accounting is designed to produce graduates with an ideal platform for a career in accountancy and finance. It should provide students with a more in-depth knowledge and practical skills required to deal with a wide range of accounting and financial operations.

Objectives of the B.Sc. in Accounting

The graduate of the B.Sc. in accounting programme should be able to:

  • Understand the concepts and conventions on which financial accounting is based;
  • Identify and record all related business data.
  • Acquire skills and understanding needed to prepare financial statements for various business units.
  • Report the movement of financial resources within, into and out of the firm for management to understand the results of its decisions and actions.
  • Obtain a good understanding of financial information such as that appearing on standard financial statements
  • Acquire knowledge of cost accounting so as to be able to prepare management accounts for decision making purposes;
  • Acquire audit and control knowledge needed for both internal and external audit of organizational activities;
  • Preparing financial reports, etc.

Expected Outcomes

The programme is expected to produce graduates who are competent in

  • Taking up employment as middle-level staff in financial and non financial institutions;
  • Being rapidly operational with customers’ services, foreign transaction services and financial institutions management services;
  • Mastering money exchange transaction in big financial markets;
  • Creating and managing small and medium sized enterprises;
  • Holding managerial positions in the rapidly growing microfinance sector;
  • Holding positions in enterprises and financial institutions, etc.