Please enter all information exactly as it appears in your Birth Certificate.
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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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    Please, choose the Research Degree Programme for which you are applying by checking the corresponding box

  • Name of Institution(s)Location (City/Country)Certificate ObtainedDates AttendedSpecializationGrade 
    Please, list in chronological order (starting with most recent), the colleges/universities you have attended. You MUST attach CLEAN photocopies of official/original certificates and transcripts for each of the institutions listed below. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your file. Candidates with foreign certificates in languages other than English or French should provide a translation by a certified translator alongside the original document.

  • LanguageYears of StudyFluency 
    English Proficiency Applicants from a non-English speaking background with a First Degree or its equivalent will be required to demonstrate proficiency in the English Language, by sitting and passing an English Language Test.
  • 6. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (Admission Requirements):

  • a) A Receipt of Registration Fee of fifteen thousand (15,000) francs paid into the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Bamenda Bank Account with either ECOBANK (0200122608355201), Union Bank of Cameroon (UBC: 00111013204), United Bank of Africa (UBA: 04050000060), National Financial Credit (NFC: 17301022306), or SGBC (05160250250-22).
  • b) One Clean Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  • c) One Clean Certified copy of Degree Certificate(s) (Certified by the issuing institution)
  • d) One Clean Certified copy of University Transcript(s) (Certified by the issuing institution)
  • e) Two Recommendation Letters
  • f) A Curriculum Vitae
  • g) 1.000frs for Colour Passport Size Photograph (hard & soft taken on campus)
  • h) Students with foreign degrees/certificates should present Equivalences to their certificates obtained from the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP), Yaouinde.
  • 7. PERSONAL STATEMENT (Research Interest)

  • Please, use the space below to sumarise your academic interests and your reason(s) for choosing the intended course of study.

    I certify that all the information I have given on this application form is correct and complete. I understand that withholding or providing false information or fake documents in support of this application may disqualify me from admission or later be used as grounds for my dismissal from the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC), Bamenda.
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